Whytri - Showboy Freestyle

He’s been flipping tickets like crazy.

WHYTRI slides us a drop right before his first headlining show at The Middle East in Boston. He let this one go as the first offering of “Lucies Vol 1” because the VIP tickets sold out (clearly a dope sign and something to celebrate).

“Showboy” has him rapping rapping over production from Breezen as they combine for what seems like a lyrical encore after a successful showing.

Get your tickets to tonight’s show here and also check out a playlist made to familiarize yourself with the artists on the bill.

Israel Wusu - Catch Fire

“Down for the dogs before I’m down for myself”

Israel Wusu takes about three minutes to lay down some real bars about what he’s been through, how he’s gotten through it and where he’s headed with this music thing.
Very dope to see him continue to flip the raps and balance it out with the melodies at the same time.


Lunchbagg - Blueprints

No time to waste, stick to the blueprints.

Lunchbagg lays down “Blueprints”, a self-produced joint to rock to.
At the foundation of this track is some honest lyricism about things he’s experienced as well as the people around him.


Adao - Keep It A Buck (EP)

After dropping track after track for the past two months, Adao gives us the “Keep It A Buck” EP.

Adao really shows his versatility on the project and it will attract the followers undoubtedly. The EP features one other artist, Mulatto X.
For me, “Michael Jackson” and “Off-White” are the standout tracks. Go stream it on all major platforms.


Krew$ - Personal

Krew$ drops his second track, “Personal”.

Following “Ghost”, the track was a Valentine’s Day surprise, but hey, I’m not complaining. Krew$’s music has the substance and consistency that your favorite rapper doesn’t.

Go check out his new single!

Khary - Ichigo Kurosaki Freestyle

Floodgates are still open.

Khary let off one freestyle yesterday, in the likeness of L from the anime “Death Note”, but he wasn’t done!
He asked his fans to engage and if they did enough he would drop another one… seems like they did enough.
Here’s “Ichigo Kurosaki Freestyle” in likeness of the main protagonist of the anime “Bleach”.

As he mentioned in the first freestyle: “this won’t sound like this, if that makes sense” (referring to how the next project will sound like).


Deante' Hitchcock - Can't Leave Without It (Freestyle)

#NewAtlantaTuesdays keeps on going.

Since early January Deante’ Hitchcock has been letting off a freestyle a week because, as he says, he’ll never run out of things to rap about.
This is easy to him and he continues to prove it as he sits on 21 Savage’s “Can’t Leave Without It”. He shouts 21 Savage and brings more light to the immigration issues the country is facing while letting off the fire bars we all enjoy.

If you haven’t been hip to the series, check out his SoundCloud for a bit to catch up!

Khary - L Freestyle

He just doesn’t stop.

In the span of 12 months Khary has dropped 2 projects, handful of singles & features, and many dope videos.
Here he comes with “L Freestyle” produced by Cloud Atrium.

Stay in our face and reminds us he can rap, throwing out quirky bars over this beat that sounds like it’s inspired by a bunch of video game water levels.
Float on, Khary, float on.

Stay noted

Jaac - Fallback (Freestyle)

Can’t move forward without some trust established.
It’s fallback season until proven otherwise says Jaac over this C’mar the Producer laced joint.

From start to finish, Jaac lays down some sly wordplay with such a smooth sonic backdrop to work with.
The vibes he set are great as he uses his pain, struggle and past experiences to float all over this one.


Alex Wiley - Very Close

“Don’t know where I’m supposed to be but I’m very close” is what Alex Wiley soothingly sings on this comeback joint.

2018 had him dropping a project in the summer, “Village Party”, as well as some loosies prior to that.
Here he is with his first offering of 2019 which features some bars but, moreover, some melodic crooning mixed in with psychedelic vibes.

Super relaxing and leads us into his next project, “Tangerine Dream II”, dropping February 22nd.