Despo - Homebody (Remix)

“Come be my Rihanna or my Thotiana, either way” spits Despo to that special person.

Despo gives us a little something by remixing Lil Durk’s “Homebody” to slide some clever bars for his shawty.
Good joint to warm us up until the next drop!


Latrell James - One Call

As elusive as he’s been, Latrell James is always one phone call away.

Slowly, but surely, Latrell has been letting off singles to get us ready for a new project. The phone theme seems to be most prevalent and it’s working.
He continues to showcase his strong songwriting skills with an infectious hook and strong verses to accompany it.

“One Call is a reminder that mortality is real. My hope is that when people hear this song, they go check in on their loved ones.” -Latrell James
Stay noted for more.

GoldLink - U Say (Feat. Tyler, The Creator & Jay Prince)

*Big sigh* Ahhh, summer tunes are beginning to surface and this one right here is probably my favorite one released so far!

GoldLink teams up with Tyler, The Creator and Jay prince to create a very chill, bouncy record you can dance to, drive to, drink to, or really whatever you please. Jay prince applies beautiful vocals for the chorus that sooth your mind and soul. GoldLink uses his rhythmic flows to completely float over the afro-drum heavy beat. Tyler gives us his classic rap style while giving us his thoughts on a girl he’s trying to run off with.

GoldLink will be on tour with Tyler, Tix on sale Friday!

Let us know how y’all feel about this one!

- Foolish Heart

Lucky Daye - Painted (Album)

As the summer comes closer and the albums start dropping, roll some mo’.

Luck Daye slides through with a “Painted” after a couple of EP’s to keep us entertained.
Leading with some stand outs like “Roll Some Mo”, “Karma”, and “Misunderstood” he adds on to his impressive work. Very excited to listen to more from him!


Steve Lacy - Apollo XXI (Album)

After a handful of successful outings the past few years, Steve Lacy drops another project with “Apollo XXI”.

12 songs full of Steve’s patented bass-line grooves and soft serenades. Always excited when The Internet drops, even more-so when the members drop solo projects. Dive into the vibes as he lets this one go at a great time of the year.


Pink Sweat$ - I Know

Admitting you don’t know everything is one of the first steps to learning everything; some things you know for sure though.

Pink Sweat$ lightly levitates over some brazenly strum guitar chords as he lays a tale of where emotions can end up going. Some times you feel you just know someone is for you and those thoughts have you sticking around through a lot.
Side note: the cover art and mood of the song has me feeling like this could be in a random scene of some show or movie.

Either way, hopefully this is a sign that another project is on the horizon.

Ceez & Pyrex Lex - Iceberg (Album)

That’s quite a chill for a day in March.

Ceez & Pyrex Lex have both been in the hyperbolic chamber for quite a while working on this one and the final product was worth the wait.
They had the family touching this one too as ClarkWork produced every joint (with additional production from Danny Keyz) and a sole feature from Lily Rayne.

Each joint on the top half has them bodying beats with well-fitting hooks that keep the songs together tastefully. Once we hit the interlude we get even more variety as they close the project with some smoother melodies. All great songs, top to bottom, to chill to full of moments for all kinds of listeners.


Whytri - Showboy Freestyle

He’s been flipping tickets like crazy.

WHYTRI slides us a drop right before his first headlining show at The Middle East in Boston. He let this one go as the first offering of “Lucies Vol 1” because the VIP tickets sold out (clearly a dope sign and something to celebrate).

“Showboy” has him rapping rapping over production from Breezen as they combine for what seems like a lyrical encore after a successful showing.

Get your tickets to tonight’s show here and also check out a playlist made to familiarize yourself with the artists on the bill.

Israel Wusu - Catch Fire

“Down for the dogs before I’m down for myself”

Israel Wusu takes about three minutes to lay down some real bars about what he’s been through, how he’s gotten through it and where he’s headed with this music thing.
Very dope to see him continue to flip the raps and balance it out with the melodies at the same time.


Fetty Wap - History

Fetty Wap can tell when there’s  “History” in a complicated thing.

Reminiscing on the good times, the bad times and the trifling, the rapper wonders how that could make one throw it all away; but one might think just the exact opposite. 

Knowing what he brings to the table, Fetty’s ready to work through the kinks and extend the memories that make history. 
And he might just kick your door down doing it. 

You can stream/buy this track here
Enjoy y’all.
-Dezzy Da Don