XXXTentacion - 17 (REVIEW)

"17", the debut project of Florida rapper and 2017 XXL freshman "XXXTentacion" has finally arrived to my disappointment.

This entire project just felt sloppy, but as the intro "The Explanation" suggests, that may have been the way he wanted it to be. But either way it still didn't feel like the X that was hype, loud and distorted.

Even with the occasional moody single here and there that was hinting towards the mood of this project and the seemingly endless Instagram story announcements about how this project was for "the lost and depressed", it still felt unexpected and like a risky transition on his behalf.

I 100% understand how this project could help someone in that situation but even then from a musical standpoint I personally didn't enjoy it.

 With lots of guitar chord progressions in this project and mainly throughout the whole thing it really did set a mood, and it started with "Jocelyn Flores" with him rapping with decent flow about him wanting to end it. The passion he put into this project was clear but there was a lot about it that really didn't work.

There was weirdly placed ad-libs throughout the project, and a weird melodic humming heard behind most of the guitar strumming in this project. And some of the tracks almost sounded like throw away verses from other songs.

There was clear effort put into every song but the actual lyrics didn't match up with the presentation. The looping melodies added to that feeling of everything being put out of place. But one cohesive thing about this 22 minute project is the thought(s) it puts into your head.

The track "Fuck Love (Feat.Trippie Redd) stood out to me because it was the most energetic track on the entire album with rattling hi hats and enthusiastic performance from both artists but it still didn't feel right or cohesive because both artists have very different styles and it really conflicted in this track.

The track "Carry On" felt very identical to the other tracks with a guitar lead on this project with similar song structure and short hooks and short verses.

The last two tracks end with incredibly similar sounding piano chord and equally similar vocals it felt like it could've been one song. There was decent thought put into both tracks though with the same scratchy feel.

This album is 100% for someone going through something and who is in need of a helping hand or in this case song. But for me it didn't feel like the X a lot of people wanted.

I would give this album a 3/10 for the though and idea behind it, I just felt it had poor execution.


(You know this is just my opinion right.) 


Unknown Temptation. 

X has given us something we were expecting only from the sole fact that he was previewing his music. With acoustic guitars and depressing lyrics, X gives us a very personal face, rather than the screaming and vicious rapper everyone learned to love. The album is supposedly to help kids get away, escape, and fight their depression.

Stream it now. 

- PJFinny

Rich Chigga x XXXTENTACION x Keith Ape - Gospel

Rich Chigga is at it again!

Couple of days ago XXX previewed this song at Rolling Loud and today we hear the finished product of this collab. It's been a while since we've heard anything from Rich Chigga (then again the guy has been keeping busy touring and all that jazz). XXX just keeps his hype going while Keith Ape comes out of nowhere here (anyone remember "It G Ma" at this point?). The song bangs overall due to the production and XXX coming in with his extreme energy. All three shine in their own weird way and make the song what it is and its definitely worth listening to. 

If you hear this at the next function you'll definitely be wildin out to this