Rich Chigga Ft. 21 Savage - Crisis

Never thought I'd see this happen ever but there was a man that once said that anything is possible. 

Rich Chigga comes back with more heat for your ears along with a 21 Savage feature (Hence why I said anything is possible). The track flows perfectly for two dudes who are complete polar opposites and is catchy as well. Take a listen to the track now. 

Rich Chigga-Glow like Dat

Rich Chigga is back with a catchy hard hitting single. With a spacey lead and energetic verses this song is a mix between a love ballad and bass heavy trap song.

Rich Chigga has been making waves within the rap community and I'm honestly excited for an album, and even more so if there's more tracks like this. I think he's finally found his sound but there's still room for him to grow and thrive.

I'm looking forward to seeing him develop as an artist.


Rich Chigga x XXXTENTACION x Keith Ape - Gospel

Rich Chigga is at it again!

Couple of days ago XXX previewed this song at Rolling Loud and today we hear the finished product of this collab. It's been a while since we've heard anything from Rich Chigga (then again the guy has been keeping busy touring and all that jazz). XXX just keeps his hype going while Keith Ape comes out of nowhere here (anyone remember "It G Ma" at this point?). The song bangs overall due to the production and XXX coming in with his extreme energy. All three shine in their own weird way and make the song what it is and its definitely worth listening to. 

If you hear this at the next function you'll definitely be wildin out to this