Nino - Bad For Me Good For You

Christmas starts early for Nino fans as he promised us FOUR new records throughout December.

Here is the first record from quartet.
On "Bad For Me Good For You" Nino slows down the pace and sings to us in a dope distorted voice and questions why she changed up?
Ever liked a girl you wasn't supposed to like but you KNOW you can bring good into her life? This is the song for you!

- Cøøg

Nino Green - Pinocchio Story (Cover)

New Nino!? Out of the blue!? YES!

Nino Green just released his cover to Kanye West's "Pinocchio Story" and it's an emotional rollercoaster. Nino sings over a beautiful piano melody that touches the heart. The record is so smooth, chill, and all self-produced. The message of the song is still so strong and cuts right through.

Sing along and feel the emotion run through you.

- Foolish Heart

Michael Aristotle, Lunchbagg, Nino Green & Khary - Scenario (Prod. Wili Hendrixs)

Let the roll out begin.

Here's the first single to our upcoming TDN project.
One day we had an idea to make a song sampling some A Tribe Called Quest and have great rappers bless it with bars. So we hit Wili Hendrixs and got this crazy beat. Then one by one we got some ill verses and, well, here we are.

Very excited to see this one take life. From its inception to the studio sessions and all of that.
Let us know what you think!


#ALMTY Season is upon us and Nino Green is up first to bat.

Heres his newest project to start 2017 off "Aerith" co-produced by one of my favorite producers from Rhode Island Mizuchi.

Their chemistry on this project is incredible. Nino has spent a very long time perfecting his craft and Mizuchi definitely helped elevate that sound.
II'm very proud of the progression from project to project this has to be my favorite Nino project yet.

Definitely take 15 minutes out your life to really listen to this project then when you're done keep listening.
ALMTY Ceez & ALMTY Yami are dropping next so stay tuned for that !