James Blake - Mile High Featuring Travis Scott & Metro Boomin (Video)

One month into 2019 and James Blake already dropped the best album of the year. Crazy.
Here is the official visuals to the very dope single “Mile High” Featuring La Flame & Metro Boomin.

This takes us on a trippy journey into James Blakes mind.
Potentially a sunken place? Maybe a nod to get out? Nonetheless this video is incredible.
Simple yet effective much like James Blakes music.

Enjoy the visuals above!
- Cøøg

Metro Boomin - Not All Heroes Wear Capes (Album)

Metro… Boomin.

The highly accomplished producer gives us his best Marshawn Lynch impression and comes out of his brief retirement with “Not All Heroes Wear Capes”; an entire project out of nowhere.
Let me just say this: “10 Freaky Girls” with 21 Savage is easily in conversation for song of the year.

2018 is ending the year strong, lowkey, after having a muddy and unmotivated 3rd quarter.


Big Sean & Metro Boomin - Double Or Nothing (Review)

Boyyy! *Big Sean voice* What's up, Note Heads? Big Rich here with another review, and this time I'm taking a look at Big Sean’s latest effort produced entirely by Metro Boomin called “Double or Nothing”. Twitter seems to dislike this album a lot, his die hard fans love it, and I'm actually somewhere in the middle. Track by track we go....

Go Legend (feat. Travis Scott)- Metro does his thing on this track (the beat smacks) and Travis Scott does a great job here, giving us a catchy hook thats easy to bop your head to. Big Sean on the other hand, gives us a very unimpressive verse, which is the case way too often on this album. The verses are pretty much Sean bragging about his self proclaimed greatness, how he goes hard, and how he broke through obstacles to get to where he is now. Nothing particularly special about his lyrics.

Big Bidness (feat. 2 Chainz)- This track is similar to the last one. The beat goes hard, Sean gives us unimpressive verses, with corny lyrics like “what goes around comes around faster than fidgets” 🤢 (I like his hook though). The subject matter is motivational. Sean and 2 Chainz are rapping about their current dreams like opening up businesses and creating generational wealth, while still stunting at the same time, in the form of a turn up track. 2 Chainz verse was kind of trash and unneeded here. Just a boring, meh effort.

Who’s Stopping Me- The trend continues here. The beat is pretty cool with its acoustic guitar, Mexican or South American sounding, like something Pablo Escobar would smoke a cigar to straight out of the show “Narcos”. Sean gives us more corny lines and rather unimpressive verses. He has lines about rolling a blunt with Rosa Parks in the back of a car (Get it? Because Rosa Parks went to the back of the bus!). The song is still kind of enjoyable though, as Sean’s flow is tight here. 

Pull Up N Wreck (feat. 21 Savage)- Metro does his thing on this track (the beat bangs) with its deep bass, piano, and opera sounding vocals in the background. Big Sean delivers decent verses that I kind of enjoy (“Tear yo' ass apart when you swim with sharks. I'm in the car like Tony Stark 'cause I'm that smart”) with a cool delivery that I appreciated. 21 Savage, on the other hand, gives us the goods here with a verse that I highly enjoy. It might just be my favorite verse on the whole project as he starts it off perfectly by saying “I aint taking disrespect lil nigga, put a couple holes in ya neck lil nigga, got a shoe string around my tec lil nigga”. Kind of wish this song was all 21 Savage lol (damn).

So Good (feat. Kash Doll)- This is a pretty simple beat from Metro. 90% bass and claps, yet dope nonetheless. This is a song thats about sex, how much Sean likes to fuck his girl, and all the things he wants to do to her. Easy concept to grasp (lol) but it's something I could see myself enjoying in the club with a drink in my hand. Detroit’s own Kash Doll gives us a Lil Kim-esque, female version of Sean’s verse. Her flow is good, as well as the delivery. It's just hard for a man like myself to sing along to, with her rapping about her love for penis and all lol, but thats no knock on her. She brought the female perspective to the track and she delivered. I'm sure the ladies love her verse as well, so it got the job done too. 

Savage Time- This might be my least favorite track on the album. I appreciate Big Sean rapping about real life issues like the Flint water crisis and our current political situation, but it was just wack lol. The verses were just mediocre and inconsistent (he goes from rapping about a deep issue to how good his girl’s vagina is in mere seconds), the beat is corny and sounds like one of Metro’s throwaway joints (except for when it switches up at 3:28 mark), making the track an easy skip.

Even the Odds (feat. Young Thug)- Things get back on track with this song. Here we get a sort of mellow, dark Halloween vibe sounding beat with an upbeat baseline. Big Sean delivers a very slow, sleepy sounding verse that fits the beat perfectly. They’re passable verses that allow you to bop your head and vibe to the song. Young Thug delivers a pretty good verse here, sounding every bit like the offspring of Lil Wayne that he is. 

In Tune- This is one of my favorite tracks off the album. Metro gives us another slow sounding, low energy beat with an upbeat baseline. It features a dope sounding violin, and a great sample of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, often used in hip-hop. Big Sean’s verses fit the beat perfectly as well, as his flow and delivery is on point here. I actually enjoyed his lyrics, rapping about life as he sees it, and sharing the knowledge he's gained over the years. There's a grown-man vibe to it. The verses themselves were rather impressive too (“got so many cuts and scars, it look like I left the surgeon. Been through so much shit dog I'm a whole other person”).

Reason (feat. Swae Lee)- Another bump in the road here. I don't like the beat, Sean’s verses are kind of wack (more corny lines), and the Swae Lee feature was wasted. He sounds like a Wal-Mart brand Weeknd to me here, but that isn't even my issue. Not only were his lyrics just blah, but this beat wasn't the right fit for him. He was used in a more effective manner on that French Montana joint, but not here. 

No Hearts, No Love- Thankfully, the album ends on a pretty good note here. Sean delivers a dope, catchy, meaningful hook I really mess with (“When you put the work in man it shows, straight up out the ashes and I rose”). At times, a church choir is in the background singing the hook along with him. The added layer was a nice touch that added more presence to the hook. The beat is dope and fits the motivational subject matter perfectly, with a base line that makes cool transitions that I appreciated. Sean also gives us good verses that I have no complaints about.

While I dont think this album is great like his die-hard fans, nor do I think it's trash like many on Twitter are saying, I think it's a passable effort. I see the complaints with this album that many seem to have. Far too many of Sean’s verses were either wack, whatever, or mediocre. The whole album is laced with corny lines. Additionally, aside from 21 Savage, the features don't really deliver. Metro Boomin’s production was pretty consistent (aside from a few missteps). Although the beats weren't as good as some of his other work (21’s “Savage Mode” for example), there's still some great beats on here. For the people who are expecting Big Sean’s trademark dope, witty bars and great flow, at least you get the flow. All in all, I think the album is kind of enjoyable, but definitely nothing special.

7/10 “Decent”

-Big Rich

Big Sean & Metro Boomin ft 21 Savage - Pull Up N Wreck

"I ran towards change while y'all ran from it"

Metro Boomin isn't done yet. Here's another drop by him with Big Sean and 21 Savage to tie it all together.
The 21 verse makes me feel like it's a throwaway from the "Without Warning" sessions but that's neither here nor there. Or maybe it's the spark of a Metro Boomin x Big Sean project???

Either way we have subpar hook with some serviceable verses over a dope beat. Sounds good to me.


Metro Boomin ft Travis Scott - Blue Pill

Honestly, Metro Boomin hasn't missed with these drops.

Previously he pulled up with a Drake & Offset track, all of Gucci Mane's Drop Top Wop, countless other drops and now here we are with new Travis Scott to celebrate his birthday.
From what I can tell, Travis Twitter fans are excited. Even myself, who's not an actual fan, am kind of rocking with this.

Metro is all over the place so you'll definitely see him sooner than later.

Nav & Metro Boomin - Perfect Timing (Album Stream)

Since Metro Boomin announced months ago he has a project coming with Nav a lot of people including myself have been waiting!
Here is their official project "Perfect Timing".

Per usual Metro provides incredible production he's one of the only producers i don't mind doing a full project with an artist.
Wasn't the biggest fan of Nav but this project won me over.
A lot of star studded features on this one including two Lil Uzi Vert features, 21 Savage, Gucci mane (who also dropped a project with Metro this year) + more.
Purchase the project here.
Enjoy the stream above!

- Cøøg

Metro Boomin Feat. Offset & Drake - No Complaints

"If young Metro don't trust you I'm gon shoot you"

Today we get what might be one of the best songs Metro has hit us with in a while (aside from all of Drop Top Wop with Gucci Mane).
In the process we get another solo Offset feature and Drake vocals (We didn't need to wait for Ashad on this one).

The song reminds us as to why Metro is our favorite hard-hitting producer who never comes lacking with his beats.
Also, lets remember; no complaints. 
- Yeri