Khary - THIS (EP)

Always push yourself to improve.

Khary is the epitome of progressing to be the best he can be. “THIS” showcases his journey into grandiose sounds and even more personal raps to familiarize with his narrative.
As he drops more music he dives deeper into what his purpose is through his experiences and he’s able to craft it so well into the many layers.

Check it out for yourself!

Khary - Ichigo Kurosaki Freestyle

Floodgates are still open.

Khary let off one freestyle yesterday, in the likeness of L from the anime “Death Note”, but he wasn’t done!
He asked his fans to engage and if they did enough he would drop another one… seems like they did enough.
Here’s “Ichigo Kurosaki Freestyle” in likeness of the main protagonist of the anime “Bleach”.

As he mentioned in the first freestyle: “this won’t sound like this, if that makes sense” (referring to how the next project will sound like).


Khary - L Freestyle

He just doesn’t stop.

In the span of 12 months Khary has dropped 2 projects, handful of singles & features, and many dope videos.
Here he comes with “L Freestyle” produced by Cloud Atrium.

Stay in our face and reminds us he can rap, throwing out quirky bars over this beat that sounds like it’s inspired by a bunch of video game water levels.
Float on, Khary, float on.

Stay noted

Khary - Uhhh (EP)


Khary still keeps us on our toes and surprises us with an EP!
The intro itself, “Why”, opens the project with a very honest Khary questioning his purpose and sparking a new journey.
The well-set tone of the first song carries us through the rest of the 6 song project that’ll have you saying “uhhh, this is dope” many times throughout.


Khary - Mobbin (Video)

Uhhhhh this is something, I think it’s a music video.

Khary comes back with a music video to his single “Mobbin” and weird is an understatement.

Khary’s creative style and ambition sticks out like a sore thumb and it’s the best thing ever. Desert, abandoned gas station and anywhere in between, Kharys is going to be mobbin.

Watch the “Mobbin” video now streaming on the TDN site.


Khary ft Cloud Atrium - People Just Like Being Mad On The Internet

Do the math. One thing that will always be true is there'll be someone mad about something on the internet.

Whether it's Eminem dropping an album, DC gearing up for another questionable move, Idris Elba being James Bond, Donald Trump being Donald Trump or LeBron James opening up a school in his hometown there'll be a pocket of Twitter ready to flame something.
Khary and Cloud Atrium hit us with this one as they boast their flows letting us know how they maneuver in this climate.

Lately Khary has been working a Kickstarter to fundraise for another tour and an EP. The total goal was hit so *bam* new music; see how that works?
There's still some days left to support even more so slide your energy to the Spirit Bomb he's building up.

Khary - DEAD

What's up yall, 

Vintage Khary on this one, strong Intern Aquarium vibes from this record. For the Khary fans who been around for a minute, we're loving this. The beat is dope as hell and as per usual Khary kills it. I could definitely see myself vibing out to this joint. 

Peace out and enjoy,

Jay B.

Nino - Morning After Featuring Khary

What a track.
Here is Nino's newest single "Morning After" featuring Khary!

In "Morning After" Nino talks about having groupies, drunk make up sex and dealing with the insecurities of having a girlfriend while being in the limelight something we can all relate to.
Khary comes in perfectly and adds to the topic.
These two have incredible chemistry and I would love to see them collaborate a lot more!

Easily one of my favorite Nino drops yet.
Enjoy the stream above.

- Cøøg

Khary - Captain (Album Stream)

Its finally here. 

This has been a long time coming and this album is truly something so amazing. While this isn't Khary's "debut album", its still a creative and downright euphoric album that has been developing over the course of a year to what it is now. Seeing Khary evolve to this and watching the Captain himself come out is an amazing experience. So without further ado here's the whole damn thing. Stream Captain now. 

Khary - Wifi (Video)

Khary announcing the release of his new project "Captain" along with the visuals for "wifi" today.

This was an incredible music video with some great camera work and I really want more visuals when this album gets released.

Excited to see what he has in store for his new project.


Khary - Cursed

Another song showing off Khary's versatility as an artist and his ability to give some really deep food for thought and it shows on this track from his upcoming project "Captain".

With really open production from Tedd Boyd, this song has a lot of layers on it.

This is a really impressive single and further hypes me up for this album.



Khary - Wifi

"I just wanna tend to bees or something"

Khary is back with another single off of his upcoming album "Captain" 

This is a super catchy rhythmic track with impeccable flow from Khary and impressive production from Calev.

I'm really excited for this next Khary project and this further up's my expectations.


Khary - 4AM Thirst Ballad

The rollout continues.

Our good friend Khary comes back to us today with "4AM Thirst Ballad", the second single off his forthcoming album "Captain". The song itself is the sequel (literally its just two hours later) from his previous song "2AM Thirst Ballad", only now we see where this situationship has gotten Khary since the first time he hit this woman up in the previous song. Listen to the song now. 

- Yeri


Pyrex Lex - Sorry (Ft. Khary)

Pyrex has been drunk for three whole days and Khary isn't looking for no wife in this new slap "Sorry".

With ridiculously catchy production and Pyrex's crazy flow, him and Khary end up being really cohesive on this track.

I love seeing artist I love collaborate like this.

Streaming now on The Daily Note


Mike Irish ft Khary - Grandfather Clocks

"At least I'll get a rise from your kiss of death"...

Mike Irish drops this dope song featuring the homie Khary.
Came for Khary left as a fan of the entire package and definitely need more. 
The sound encourages the nod to go with Irish's vocal pendulum as we trance right through this one from beginning to end.

The vintage undertones has me picturing a video in sepia with cigarettes and leather jackets but I digress.

Khary - Captain (Music Video)

A few days ago we posted this very song off of Khary's album "Captain" and today he comes back to premiere the visuals for the song itself. Behold and enjoy the visuals as we continue to ride the wave towards the drop of the album. 

Khary - Captain

This has been a long time coming. Khary is back today with the first single from his upcoming album "Captain". The self-titled track has been a long time coming and shows that he has been working extra hard on this project and taking the title of Captain to a deeper level. I can only expect this track to get a big push as the weeks go by. Take a listen to the track now.