Michael Aristotle Gives A Tease On "E"

Teasing “Almost There” as the follow up to his 2017 release TONI, Michael Aristotle holds us over with his latest EP titled “E.”

Here’s the tracklist and what Mikey had to say about the

1. DIRTY MARTINI / prod. wili hendrixs + jack beans

2. OFF TOP / prod. wili hendrixs + izze the producer + flacko blanco

3. NO REGRETS (Feat. Jaye Newton) / prod. wili hendrixs

4. VOSSI / prod. wili hendrixs

With this EP i wanted to kind of welcome listeners to the world of what i think my album, Almost There, is even though both are different sounds. i named this ep, E., because weirdly its apart of my journey lol, its my adlib in all of my songs. My adlib is very distinct and i get asked how to say it most of the time, so i basically tell them to just say the letter, E, and there you have it lol. The past year i created so much music for my album, and in the midst I’ve just been trying to master my craft, so this four song EP reflects that for sure. Its been a year & some change since i released new music, so i feel this is a great time to not only end the year, but welcome people to this new chapter of music i have, and introduce myself to people hearing me for the first time. i hope you enjoy, and if you see this message, keep going.....you’re almost there”

- michael aristotle

Michael Aristotle recently chopped it up with Teaacup on #spilltheTEA about his past discography.

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