IDK - Is He Real? (Album)

IDK – Is He Real?

               Is He Real? That’s the overarching question in IDK’s introspective debut album. It is an incredibly well mixed, cohesive piece of art. The album flows so damn well from beginning to end, so well that I still don’t know when one song has ended and a new one begins. My attention was held the entire time which is really hard these days... The intro starts with a playful dialogue about what happens when you die, and abruptly ends with blasphemy before we tumble down the rabbit hole. In between this and the outro is a diverse set of songs and interludes that are all unique in their own right. We have features from DMX, who takes on the role of pastor, and some uncredited guest verses from the likes of our legendary cocaine maestro, Pusha T, as well as JID, Tyler the Creator, and Burna Boy. My favorite joint by far was Porno. If you slept on this album, WAKE UP! Even the artwork was fire. IDK kneels between a sheep on one side, and a goat on the other. I love the biblical symbolism.

Enjoy the stream!