Missy Elliott - ICONOLOGY (EP)

Incredible, man. Missy Elliott finally dropped her first project since 2005’s The Cookbook.

Almost 50 years old and the rapper is still releasing great music. Featuring production from longtime collaborator and legend, Timbaland, as well as Wili Hendrix, the EP comes in at just under fifteen minutes, and, every song on it is great. They’re fun and make you want to dance. The first two songs got a lot of bounce to ‘em. The next track after that, “DrimDemeanor (ft. Sum1),” has somewhat of a lounge-style R&B feel to it. The final song, “Why I Still Love You,” feels an electro-soul feel to it. She’s very much in a league of her own compared to her peers.

There are very few people who have had a comparable longevity to their careers like Missy Elliott has. The key here is consistency. We’re really not worthy. She even blessed us with an acapella of my favorite joint from this project, “Why I Still Love You”. This will be in frequent rotation while we wait for her album to drop.

Enjoy the stream!