Chance The Rapper - The Big Day (Album Review) Pt. 2

Alright, so... The first half of this album left me with mixed feelings. It started out strong but quickly ran out of gas like it was asthmatic. After a much-needed break and without further ado, let’s dive in to the second half of Chance’s debut album, The Big Day. Skip to the end for my final thoughts/rating.


12. Big Fish. I think my favorite part of this joint is the beat. Anything with pitched up vocal samples reverberating in the background usually catches my ear. Despite that, the lyrics were really lacking. “Birdman hand rub… This shit fit me like a damn glove, Shit cleaner than a hand scrub,” raps Chance in his opening verse. The only bars Chance is bringing to this track is soap bars apparently. *insert corn emoji* I think Funkmaster Flex would be sorely disappointed here. Honestly, my favorite part is when Gucci Mane comes in to relieve an exhausted sounding Chance.


13. Ballin Flossin. The beat contains a sample of “I Wanna Be Down” by Brandy. Timbaland and TrapMoneyBenny produced it. Shawn Mendes comes through to deliver the hook. It’s catchy, it’s got a groovy piano bounce to it, it sounds danceable. I like this joint, but I don’t really love it. It’s definitely going to be a hit with the white girls though.


14. 5 Year Plan is a decent song. It’s simple bars but with a healthy dose of praising God and some introspection. It’s a soulful song, kinda playful, with some more pitched up vocals that I love to hear. It’s kind of preachy though, so it may not be for you.


16. Get A Bag. I really like this joint. I’ll be honest, I’ve kinda tuned out the lyrics at this point, but I love this beat. It contains a sample of “Only One” by James Taylor. Calboy contributes an autotuned verse on this song too. Was I listening to what he said? Nah not really, but it sounded nice to my ears. Oh yeah, and Lido contributed to the production of this beat. This is a decent song.


17. Slide Around features guest verses from Nicki Minaj and Lil Durk, and Pi’erre Bourne produced it. The bassline is really nice on this one. Pi’erre did his thing here. Durk’s verse is hella catchy. Chance keeps rapping about “Salmon Gucci Slides” on the hook, flying in jets and living with his ride or dies. If I could afford Gucci slides I’d probably rap incessantly about them too. Jesus didn’t wear Gucci sandals, though, so I’m not stressing over it. I actually liked this joint, jokes aside.


18. Sun Come Down has Chance getting introspective about his legacy, as he basically asks us to focus on and celebrate his life, rather than how he’ll pass away, when that time comes. It’s like dude gave us his will in oral form. This was one of the more personal songs on the album. It’s easy to listen to, but it’s not something I’ll be returning to.


19. Found A Good One (Single No More) is a long ass title. Chance hops on another danceable beat, with catchy piano melodies, bouncy drums, a hook that I can guarantee you will be on someone’s Instagram caption… Yeah. Murda Beatz added to the production on this joint. There’s several switch ups throughout the song that keep it interesting. I dig this one a lot.


20. Town On The Hill is a really slow song. Chance does his singing thing here. There’s a really dope synth lead and bass that come in two minutes into the song, courtesy of Francis Starlite. It’s worth skipping ahead to. I really want to sample this song. It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, though.


22. Zanies and Fools. WE MADE IT! The final song of the album. Some pretty, pitched up vocals start the beat out. Shortly into it there’s a beat switch up where the tempo really picks up and some ethereal pads barely swell in. A chorus of singers sing “It’s possible” throughout. It’s possible this album isn’t the worst one of 2019. Nicki Minaj contributes another verse on this song at the end. Lyrically, nothing stands out here. Nicki raps out Fendi per usual. It’s an OK song.

Alright… man. That was exhausting. My take on The Big Day – This isn’t a Grammy-worthy album. This isn’t Acid Rap or Coloring Book. What we get in place of his past projects is… something that felt confused. It had a lot of personal songs on it, but also had some terribly random, confusing ass ones (re: Hot Shower – what the fuck?) You know a song’s a flop when a white father-son duo makes a cringey dance video to it. There are some really good songs on this album, but they’re far and few in between. The first listen through, I was thinking this was a pretty damn good album, but once I started to analyze and digest this one, I was less convinced. There’s a lot of features on this one to coax me into listening, but they couldn’t save the day. I’m left wanting a lot more.

Rating: The Big Day gets 4 out of 8 pizza slices. Could’ve been worse.