Israel Wusu - WGLM

Israel Wusu is one of the most prominent artists to rise from Providence lately. With some hits such as “Safety”, “Colours”, and “One 4 Me”, there is no doubt he is an extremely gifted story teller with a new school flow. I had a chance to see him perform live at “Broken Records” Live Show at Dusk in Providence. Foolish Heart introduced me to Israel Wusu that night. Israel is an unbelievable artist being able to have some songs laid back R&B flows, like in “Who’s Gonna Love Me”, but also being able to having fast-paced story telling verses like in “Catch Fire.”

Even with “One 4 Me” dropping in 2018, it is still in my summertime playlist because of the Caribbean vibes you get from it. Israel brings in Ólu to help bring the chorus to a rhythmic pace to entangle the summer vibes through your speakers. On “Catch Fire” Israel starts telling us about some struggles he faced on his rise to glory. The crazy flow Israel is capable of producing for 80 seconds during the first verse is a reason why the song is called “Catch Fire” as your speakers will have some smoke coming out.

2019 has been an insane year for Israel as well coming out with “Who’s Gonna Love Me” a love R&B song to remind us that our soulmates are out there. This song is actually going to have a music video. Israels first music video will debut on July 3rd. Israel has teased the video on a few posts on his Instagram. Directed by Larry Adigun and Co-Directors Momo and Larren Witter, it is looking very interesting. I can’t wait to see what these creative minds create. Israel announced on his Instagram that there will be an exclusive showing of the video on July 2nd. “WGLM Private Premiere Party” will be hosted at Asuka Lounge in Providence at 7 pm Tuesday the 2nd. You can stream Israel Wusu on Spotify and Apple Music.