“She like idk idk, like she blindfold on a tinder scrolllll
When she throw it back I got controlllllll
Who is I? I WhyTri, baby love me till I die
Fucking right
Young jiggy nigga from the east side reppin, swag drip in her mouth bby don’t step in it”

WhyTri delivers yet again with his latest track “GUESSWHOIDK”. Before I say anything, yes, he’s screaming fuck in the ad libs, just how we like it. 

Just in time for the summer, Beato cooked up perfect theme music with just a tad bit of cocky and a dash of ignorance.

To be seen on his upcoming EP “ABP [A Side]” this Boston Bombshells got a lot more bombs to drop on us, so save some room on your iTunes. (And SoundCloud and Spotify)

Enjoy y’all. 
-Dezzy Da Don