Aminé - GoodForYou (Review)

Yeo, it's Kyle again, and I'm finally reviewing GoodForYou by Aminé.

Aminé is a Portland Oregon rapper who was part of the XXL 2017 Freshman list and GoodForYou is his debut commercial release.

To start, this album as a whole project very clearly had a lot of effort put into it and had an extensive list of features including Offset, Kehlani andTy Dolla $ign to name a few. 

Although this album is solid, and well produced with passionate vocals and well thought out lyrics, Aminé has already made his impact as pop-rap, and this album tries so hard to be pop-rap in an alternative way but it suffered where it strays off that route.

He also takes heavy inspiration from other artists, for example on the track "STFU" his vocals sound very Drake-ish and for me that's a large take away on this project because he has a very unique style, but on the same track he has his comedic side come in on the chorus while repeating "Shut the fuck up".

Everything in this project was well put together which brings me to the next area, production. The album was filled with well mixed vocals, bouncing synths and loud solid drums. On some of the tracks the subtle auto tune becomes not so subtle and in my opinion, ruins his voice. And even when he tries to sing, and even more so with the heavy auto tune, it becomes near squeaky and really unpleasant.

The features fit well on the tracks they were placed on. Ty Dolla $ign preformed well on "Veggies" with an orchestral introduction to the album with Aminé's lightly auto tuned singing with light lyrics and a "billboard top 100 chorus" that turns into a an energetic synth lead with hard hitting drums. Ty ends the track with his singing paired with Aminé's rhythmic style.

He also makes lots of pop culture references with the earliest one being on the second track "Yellow"  where he makes references to "101 Dalmatians" in the first verse. And then again in the second verse with a nod to the universally loved "Spongebob" And then my favorite reference in one of the most catchy and his most well known tracks "Caroline" with the reference to Tarantino (A pop culture icon) with "Lets get gory like a Tarantino movie".

There were also some tracks on this project where his vocals didn't match the mood of the beat or where he even sounded uninterested. And even with every tracks energy i got a little bit bored towards the end, with tracks like Dakota and even slide.

My two favorite tracks "Spice Girl" and "Heebiejeebies" were super catchy. But "Spice Girl" to me almost sounded generic and  like a lot of the tracks on this album, almost moved to quickly in my opinion. And with "Heebiejeebies" I'm still confused by why it's a bonus track, it would've been a great way to wrap up the project with passionate vocals from Kehlani and Aminé AND it was released before the album so there's no point in even making it a bonus if it had already been released.

But with everything taken into consideration this project mostly melded together well even with its short comings. But some of these tracks would've been better off if they were singles.

The project also didn't have a lot of emotional value for me and didn't change mood all that often because most tracks ended with being a switch up in mood so after 14 tracks i got used to it.

Overall i enjoyed it for its effort, production and list of features and for a debut album it was impressive. I'm excited to see Aminé grow and develop as an artist and I hope to see him become better with each release.

And I know this review was short only because there wasn't a whole lot to say about it.

I would give this project a 6/10, but i still enjoyed it and everything it had to offer