Ugly God- The Booty Tape (Review)

Yeo It's Kyle, I write for The Daily Note now, and I'm reviewing The Booty Tape By Ugly God

Ugly God is a Houston rapper who recently made the 2017 XXL Freshman list. And his frequently delayed and anticipated debut "mixtape" is finally here.

And to start this thing was a hot mess to begin with. With constant delays for it's release, Ugly God often posted about issues with his distribution deal and recently said he took off all the features and said it was more of a collection. But even with that said there's no excuse for the lack of everything put into this tape.

The opening track "Welcome To The Booty Tape" is more someone raping your ears as it starts with a "skit" which is actually pretty funny, of someone asking their mom what they thing of the Booty Gang Captain himself. All while a looping synth paired with a high pitched bell and an open high hat slowly numb your sense of hearing. After the skit a loud thumping kick paired with a rubbery sub bass is added and levels out the poor mixing but is paired with an attempt of Ugly taking a different route and attempting to drop hard hitting lyrics while falling short in the act.

The next track, "Stop Smoking Black & Milds" is also Ugly God testing his sound with aggressive vocals and some quirky lyrics mostly about people who smoke black and milds and how if you do your not classy. But once again actual lyrics fall short but this also inst a project to listen to lyrics for. But the production was loud and crowded and his voice overpowered the entire track.

The next Track "I'm a Nasty Hoe" is overall a slower track with a thumping kick and one of the most forgettable hooks on the whole project. But both verses also have some of the funniest lyrics about him being a freak and tossing your booty like a salad.

The fourth and arguably best produced track "I'm Tryna Fuck" had some of the funniest lines and one of the catchiest hook and chorus of the project. The rattling high hats and booming kick really held the track together while pairing well with his voice. He's only after one thing in this song, and as you could guess it would be to "tap that ass and bust a nut"

The fifth track and his diss track on himself "Fuck Ugly God" just felt out of place. It was mixed well and had an interesting lead that sounded like a vocal loop. Once again the kick thumped and his lyrics were assisted by a crowd of people scream "Fuck Ugly God". The higher ends of the production sounded to click for me and the bass is indescribably  loud and out of place and there are so many things wrong with it that is should be put in the bible as the eighth deadly sin and it made me want to stop listening to rap, if that's what XXL considered to be up and coming. In the track he talked about how he got jumped, wore the same crusty jeans, how he was a crusty hoe and just being a waste of space, jokingly of course. But i think it was one of the worst if not the worst on the project.

"No lies" was the only song with a feature on the entire tape, and it was Wiz Khalifa. But not even he could save the mess that this project is and its possible he beat the dead horse that this project already was. Decent production, but both verses were horrible and about nothing, it really rotted away at everything in the song and event the production couldn't make it look pretty.

"BITCH!" One of Ugly Gods biggest song somehow lost it's mix and ended up with a different mix than the original single which i personally thought was one of his best. Its like he lost the original and was forced to remake it because he had nothing else to put on here. I would've preferred a XXXtentacion feature than the alternate mix of this track, and even if it's subtle, i liked the original so much more.

Next is "L.D.C" or Little Dick Clique, had decent production and fast lyrics and overall was really energetic, but yet again for the 8th time everything just fell short and was just really under whelming, and the beginning it sounded like he was attempting to imitate one of his XXL counterparts Madeintyo with "SKRT" being repeated as an ad lib. And also repetitive weak lyrics and the chorus just being Little Dick Clique over and over, gets boring and almost irritating.

"Like a Maverick" was rhythmic and slowed down but nothing felt thought out enough. Just like everything else on this project it felt lackluster and unmixed. there's not much to say about this song lyrically other than that he want you to know that he's balling like a Maverick.

Finally the last track "Water" is definitely  his most played and hyped song on this track and is also the most well thought out song. With its catchy hook and verses its a hard to forget song and has decent production with the airy synths. Not to mention its deep and rumbling sub bass and loud hard hitting kick come together to make a noisy fun track. But that's all the track really is noisy, and fun and although the album was a steaming pile of nothing it was a decent way to wrap it up.

This album was something else and finishing it almost felt like a relief and I'm almost glad to say the hype is fizzled out and gone already. But that's my opinion and review of Ugly God's "The Booty Tape"

Overall I would give this tape a 2/10 and only for its comedic element which is the only reason I would ever think about listening to this again.