Troy Ave - Dope Boy Troy (Review)


Hey guys, it's been a while but I'm back with my latest review.
Today, I'm reviewing Troy Ave's "Dope Boy Troy" mixtape.

Let me get this out of the way, the tape has great production. Every single beat on here goes in, but Troy usually does well with that.

The first track is called "Mafia", which describes the theme of the track.
A mafioso, gritty beat that makes you feel like you're in the "Godfather" movies. The beat bangs and Troy uses the first track to set the tone of the tape. He uses the end of the track to call out the people who left him for dead last June during the shooting in which he was locked up, and is still under investigation for ("Their loyalty had legs, im like damn where it went?").

The next track, "Why", is my shit.
This track is pretty much Troy stunting and bragging about the fact that he survived both shootings. It's pretty 2Pac-esque, in which he's dissing his shooters ("I be taking guns out the hands of suckas").

The next song, which isn't really a song, is titled "Amazing Grace".
This track is a 12 minute skit where he's describing the attempt on his life back on Christmas Day when he was shot. I love the background beat he used, and I know what you're thinking, "a 12 minute skit? Hell no!" and I feel you. But the fact that the beat's dope, mixed with the fact that Troy is an entertaining character who can tell a story and make it funny, makes this a smooth listen. When talking about the shooter, he says "I saw it in his eyes, I can tell he wasn't a real nigga like me" .

The next track is one of my favorites, and an absolute banger, called "Never Switch".
The beat is amazing, and Troy goes in on it. There's not much to say about this one besides the fact that it smacks. Troy's flow is impeccable on this joint, the verses go hard, and I can't help but dance everytime it comes on ("I went from looking out for em, to looking for em").

Up next is "Just Cookin" which is a remake of the classic Monica track "Just One of Them Days".
Again, the beat smacks, and Troy decides to get a little more lyrical on this one. The song is about Dope Boy Troy doing what his nickname suggests, as well as the usually stunting ("I'm a menace to society you already know. Won trapper of the year 7x in a row").

The next track is an interlude called "Welcome to Level 2".
It was a weird ass skit, and I don't understand what he was trying to do with it. He's talking to himself who is acting as some sort of industry guy trying to get Troy to sell his soul. It gets skipped everytime lol.

After a bump in the road, we get to a song I love which is "No Delays".
This song is another straight banger which I play at least 10x a day. The beat puts me in the zone, as well as the lyrics ("Niggas put a blade in my back, I pulled it out and bled now im back"). My only issue with this song is the fact that it was already on "White Christmas 4", which Troy dropped back in December, but I'll get more into that later.

The next song is another banger called "Donald Pump".
It's a chill ass song with a fire piano beat that makes you want to just lay back and smoke a blunt to it. Troy uses the song to promote his latest piece of merchandise, the infamous "Bake & Water Whip Weight Again" hat, which he wore to court and grabbed some headlines with.

The next song, "Freaks Only", is one I won't get into. This song first appeared on Troy's "Roland Collins" tape from last August. If you read my review on that then you already know what it's about.

For the most part, I love this tape.
Dope Boy Troy does a lot of things well, and slips up in some areas.
My biggest complaint is the length of the tape; it's too short. If you take out the two skits, and the two recycled tracks, the tape is only 5 tracks long.
That leads me into my next complaint. Troy, if you're reading this, STOP RECYCLING TRACKS. I don't know why he does this, but it's kind of annoying. Last year, his song Chuck Norris (which I absolutely love) appeared on all three of the tapes he dropped in 2016...ALL THREE. This is his third tape in a row with recycled tracks on it and I'd like for that trend to end.
One last complaint would be that id like to see Troy go back to being a little more lyrical like the "NYC the Album" and "Major without a Deal" days.
All in all though, this is a great tape.
This tape had the potential to be an 8.5, maybe even a 9. But the length of the tape (amount of actual songs), mixed with the fact that he has 2 recycled tracks on there forces me to take away points.
But in Troy's defense, he's been dropping a lot of music, so maybe he felt a shorter tape wouldnt be a bad idea. In the end, I give this tape an 8/10. I almost gave it a 7.5 because of my complaints, but there isn't a song on here I don't like, so that would have been harsh. Therefore, I treated it like an EP and kind of forgave the length.

Dope Boy Troy strikes again....Powder