Pink Sweat$ - I Know

Admitting you don’t know everything is one of the first steps to learning everything; some things you know for sure though.

Pink Sweat$ lightly levitates over some brazenly strum guitar chords as he lays a tale of where emotions can end up going. Some times you feel you just know someone is for you and those thoughts have you sticking around through a lot.
Side note: the cover art and mood of the song has me feeling like this could be in a random scene of some show or movie.

Either way, hopefully this is a sign that another project is on the horizon.

Ceez & Pyrex Lex - Iceberg (Album)

That’s quite a chill for a day in March.

Ceez & Pyrex Lex have both been in the hyperbolic chamber for quite a while working on this one and the final product was worth the wait.
They had the family touching this one too as ClarkWork produced every joint (with additional production from Danny Keyz) and a sole feature from Lily Rayne.

Each joint on the top half has them bodying beats with well-fitting hooks that keep the songs together tastefully. Once we hit the interlude we get even more variety as they close the project with some smoother melodies. All great songs, top to bottom, to chill to full of moments for all kinds of listeners.


DaBaby - Baby On Baby (Album)

Zero to one hundred, real quick.

From the first 20 seconds you’ll know if DaBaby is for you ‘cus he’ll already have spit about 100 words, probably.
I’ll say it now: he’s dope.

The combination of steez, bars, cadences, and overall tasteful braggadocio adds up into unavoidable head knocking and face scrunching.
”Suge” is definitely a stand-out joint as well as “Baby Sitter”, which also holds a potent feature from Offset.


2 Chainz - Rap Or Go To The League (Album)

After some dope promotion and great peeks into this joint, 2 Chainz posts up hard with “Rap or Go to the League”.

As someone who was looking forward to 2 Chainz having a great 2018 (and was disappointed) he comes out swinging with his 5th studio album.
Besides a couple tracks that feels like wasted opportunities this has the potential to be his best drop yet.


Kehlani - While We Wait (Album)

Kehlani - While We Wait

Here we have a project by Kehlani called “While We Wait.” It consists of 9 songs so I’m assuming that this is just a few songs that she wanted to give to her fans as they wait for the full project. 

It has been almost 2 years since her last project “SweetSexySavage.” That project received mixed reviews but I think it was a solid second project and showcased growth. She has been dealing with pregnancy and other issues and her growth continued to shine on this project. Her voice has progressively improved throughout the years along with her lyrical content. This project is definitely worth a listen and i am looking forward to her full album. Also, take a sec to check out our other various posts. Spread Love.

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ELHAE - Trouble In Paradise (Album)

ELHAE - Trouble in Paradise

Here we have a project from a super-talented artist by the name of ELHAE. He makes some really good R&B and I think he will become a known name in years to come.

If you love R&B, I definitely recommend this project. This project took him 2 years to complete and I love when artists take their time with projects. The quality is some of the best I’ve heard in a long time. I think people will really appreciate the way he uses his voice and the way he flows on the tracks. This is a really good project that is definitely worth the listen. Also, take a sec to check out our other various posts. Spread Love.

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WHYTRI - Lucies vol. 1 (EP)

The hits keep on hitting.

WHYTRI, fresh off his first headlining show, drops off a pack of random joints title “Lucies Vol. 1”.
He claims them to be throwaways that didn’t make his project, “A Bad Porno” but they hold weight on their own, no question.
Holds a sole feature from Nino, some production from Nick Costa, IceKrim and even a couple songs produced by the man himself!

Rock to these and “ABP” for a dope time.

Whytri - Showboy Freestyle

He’s been flipping tickets like crazy.

WHYTRI slides us a drop right before his first headlining show at The Middle East in Boston. He let this one go as the first offering of “Lucies Vol 1” because the VIP tickets sold out (clearly a dope sign and something to celebrate).

“Showboy” has him rapping rapping over production from Breezen as they combine for what seems like a lyrical encore after a successful showing.

Get your tickets to tonight’s show here and also check out a playlist made to familiarize yourself with the artists on the bill.

Israel Wusu - Catch Fire

“Down for the dogs before I’m down for myself”

Israel Wusu takes about three minutes to lay down some real bars about what he’s been through, how he’s gotten through it and where he’s headed with this music thing.
Very dope to see him continue to flip the raps and balance it out with the melodies at the same time.


Fetty Wap - History

Fetty Wap can tell when there’s  “History” in a complicated thing.

Reminiscing on the good times, the bad times and the trifling, the rapper wonders how that could make one throw it all away; but one might think just the exact opposite. 

Knowing what he brings to the table, Fetty’s ready to work through the kinks and extend the memories that make history. 
And he might just kick your door down doing it. 

You can stream/buy this track here
Enjoy y’all.
-Dezzy Da Don

Offset - Father of 4 (Album)

WOO WOO WOO HEY *Offset voice*
The most anticipated Migos solo project has dropped in the form of Offset’s “Father of 4”.

After both Takeoff and Quavo’s projects were rushed and flopped, Offset’s tape releases a lot later and I’m excited to see if he learned from their mistakes. The cover features all 4 of his children and is arguably the worst cover of the year.
With many features throughout the project, Gunna, Travis Scott and J. Cole reign supreme.

Stream that above.

Giggs - Big Bad... (Album)

Hollowman Giggs returns to the scene with a project titled “Big Bad…”

Giggs hopped on a couple tracks in 2018, but nothing major. It’s clear he was in the studio working on his new album. He has a handful of features, the most notable ones being Lil Yachty, French Montana, Swizz Beatz and Jadakiss.

Go check out the gritty U.K. rapper now!