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Dreamville has been clearing things out from the sessions early in the year and has finally decided to heat the summer up.

Along with announcing the project is dropping Friday, we get two new cuts as more of a sneak peek into what we can expect. One joint is “Lambo Truck” by Cozz, Reason & Childish Major.

The other has a lot more names to balance as “Costa Rica” features J.I.D, Bas, Ski Mask The Slump God, Smokepurpp, Mez, Guapdad 4000, Reese LaFlare, Jace & Buddy.


Israel Wusu - WGLM

Israel Wusu is one of the most prominent artists to rise from Providence lately. With some hits such as “Safety”, “Colours”, and “One 4 Me”, there is no doubt he is an extremely gifted story teller with a new school flow. I had a chance to see him perform live at “Broken Records” Live Show at Dusk in Providence. Foolish Heart introduced me to Israel Wusu that night. Israel is an unbelievable artist being able to have some songs laid back R&B flows, like in “Who’s Gonna Love Me”, but also being able to having fast-paced story telling verses like in “Catch Fire.”

Even with “One 4 Me” dropping in 2018, it is still in my summertime playlist because of the Caribbean vibes you get from it. Israel brings in Ólu to help bring the chorus to a rhythmic pace to entangle the summer vibes through your speakers. On “Catch Fire” Israel starts telling us about some struggles he faced on his rise to glory. The crazy flow Israel is capable of producing for 80 seconds during the first verse is a reason why the song is called “Catch Fire” as your speakers will have some smoke coming out.

2019 has been an insane year for Israel as well coming out with “Who’s Gonna Love Me” a love R&B song to remind us that our soulmates are out there. This song is actually going to have a music video. Israels first music video will debut on July 3rd. Israel has teased the video on a few posts on his Instagram. Directed by Larry Adigun and Co-Directors Momo and Larren Witter, it is looking very interesting. I can’t wait to see what these creative minds create. Israel announced on his Instagram that there will be an exclusive showing of the video on July 2nd. “WGLM Private Premiere Party” will be hosted at Asuka Lounge in Providence at 7 pm Tuesday the 2nd. You can stream Israel Wusu on Spotify and Apple Music.


Khary - THIS (EP)

Always push yourself to improve.

Khary is the epitome of progressing to be the best he can be. “THIS” showcases his journey into grandiose sounds and even more personal raps to familiarize with his narrative.
As he drops more music he dives deeper into what his purpose is through his experiences and he’s able to craft it so well into the many layers.

Check it out for yourself!

Lil Nas X - 7 EP (Album Review)

Lil Nas X has taken the country by storm since “Old Town Road” gained popularity in April after the 20 year old from ATL was signed by Colombia Records. The song first debuted on SoundCloud in December of 2018. “Old Town Road” has stayed on Billboards charts staying at No. 1 for 11 weeks now. Lil Nas X teased his fans by dropping “Panini” on June 20th, 3 days before his EP was scheduled to drop. Almost instantly “Panini” was trending on Twitter and receiving plenty of positive feedback. One interesting aspect of the “Panini” is that many noticed it has a similar melody to a song by Nirvana “ In Bloom.” If you listen closely to the notes of the chorus in “Panini,” you can see the similarity. Kurt Cobain actually received songwriting credits on “Panini.”

The Next day on the 21st, “7 EP” officially dropped with Lil Nas X having features as Cardi B and Billy Ray Cyrus. Some of my personal favorites are, of course, “Panini,” “Old Town Road - Remix” & “Rodeo”. The EP starts with the famous “Old Town Road - Remix” with Billy Ray Cyrus getting you familiar with the sound that Lil Nas X likes to show the audience. The typical 808’s you hear in any Hip Hop songs mixed with the old school country banjo sounds (mixed by YoungKio) branches out into bringing two different genres and mashing them up.

Lil Nas X continues with mashing up more genres by bringing the classic American/Alternative Rock to help out the Synthetic Chords of the song. “F9mily (You&Me)” is a different side of Lil Nas X we hear. The song sounds like you would hear at a rock show with a fast paced tempo being led by guitar strings and supported by a drum in the background. Lil Nas X dips into the Rock sound, as many great artist have done such as Lil Wayne. "Kick it” takes us into the future with a EDM/Dance sound. Lil Nas X has the heavy auto-tune sound to rap over that gives it the atmospheric sound Travis Scott is known for. Producer TAKE A DAYTRIP gets our heart racing with the high speed chase guitar sound bringing us out west to the country side. Lil Nas X brings out Cardi B for the final verse to bring her high speed rapping to splash in our hip hop sound. We jump back into the past with Lil Nas X famous genre hopper. To me it sounds like i just played “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana and then we hear Lil Nas X start the chorus with the help of Ryan Tedder as back vocals. Ryan Tedder treats us with a guitar solo. When Lil Nas X goes on tour, he should definitely have Tedder bless the audience with this guitar solo. The Second to last song “C7osure (You Like)” is more of a laid back sound. It’s Coffee Shop sounds with a consistent drum to compliment the piano sounds. The chill vibe we receive from the song is definitely refreshing after the rest of the songs on the EP. The EP ends with the original “Old Town Road”, an all-time hall of fame pop hit that years from now people will ask about and it’s a moment in time that if you weren’t around you wouldn’t understand.

Overall for Lil Nas X first EP “7” i would give a 4.5/5. Lil Nas X touched many genres of music throughout the track list but cuts us short with all short songs with the longest only being 2:43 and shortest being 1:53. I personally have a very mixed music taste and i enjoyed all the different sounds. Will Lil Nas X influence other names to start mixing genres? Only time will tell. You can stream “7” on Itunes and Spotify.


Hil Holla - WCF

The saga continues.
“Please don’t ever pray for me the kid is living off his sins” concludes Hil Holla’s recent single “WCF”.

It’s properly titled “Western Conference Finals” because the energy he exudes on this one is celebratory, as if he’s advanced to the next step but also hungry to make it to the Finals and compete for the title. He also skillfully interweaves a handful of NBA references.

Aside from a couple select features, this is his first offering since dropping the well-received “Outside Providence” three years ago. We’re ready for more.

This is just practice so stay noted!

Despo - Homebody (Remix)

“Come be my Rihanna or my Thotiana, either way” spits Despo to that special person.

Despo gives us a little something by remixing Lil Durk’s “Homebody” to slide some clever bars for his shawty.
Good joint to warm us up until the next drop!


Drake - The Best In The World (EP)

Drake always talks a big game and he tends to deliver.

The Toronto Raptors’ ambassador lets off a small EP to celebrate the NBA team winning the title on Thursday night. Seems like even the Drake Sports Curse couldn’t hold them back on their road to their first championship. The reward: new music.

Drake strings along the mob ties role by releasing “Omerta” (a code of silence) & “Money in the Grave” with Rick Ross. Both songs being streams of raps from Drake as he writes checks that his mouth can cash.


Latrell James - One Call

As elusive as he’s been, Latrell James is always one phone call away.

Slowly, but surely, Latrell has been letting off singles to get us ready for a new project. The phone theme seems to be most prevalent and it’s working.
He continues to showcase his strong songwriting skills with an infectious hook and strong verses to accompany it.

“One Call is a reminder that mortality is real. My hope is that when people hear this song, they go check in on their loved ones.” -Latrell James
Stay noted for more.

Lily Rayne - FEMME (EP)

“Sometimes I think you don’t want my love” softly sings an honest Lily Rayne to start her newest project, “FEMME”.

Lily Rayne has a knack for bringing us into her realm through her lens and she makes it seem effortless. Each song pairs with the other well to take us on a balanced ride for 20 minutes. For every emotional “How Do You Feel” there is a more confident “I Might” to go with it.

Stream the cohesive “FEMME” on all streaming services!

GoldLink - U Say (Feat. Tyler, The Creator & Jay Prince)

*Big sigh* Ahhh, summer tunes are beginning to surface and this one right here is probably my favorite one released so far!

GoldLink teams up with Tyler, The Creator and Jay prince to create a very chill, bouncy record you can dance to, drive to, drink to, or really whatever you please. Jay prince applies beautiful vocals for the chorus that sooth your mind and soul. GoldLink uses his rhythmic flows to completely float over the afro-drum heavy beat. Tyler gives us his classic rap style while giving us his thoughts on a girl he’s trying to run off with.

GoldLink will be on tour with Tyler, Tix on sale Friday!

Let us know how y’all feel about this one!

- Foolish Heart

Lucky Daye - Painted (Album)

As the summer comes closer and the albums start dropping, roll some mo’.

Luck Daye slides through with a “Painted” after a couple of EP’s to keep us entertained.
Leading with some stand outs like “Roll Some Mo”, “Karma”, and “Misunderstood” he adds on to his impressive work. Very excited to listen to more from him!